Five Tips for Posting Photos on Your Blog

Images can improve the look and feel of your blog by breaking up long walls of text, adding a splash of color to a post, and illustrating a point. Internet audiences usually skim articles, but images can cause them to pause and look at the content, making them more likely to continue reading your text. Also, in some cases photographs can enhance the meaning of a post by offering examples or helping a reader picture something in their mind. Photographs are especially vital to food and travel blogs, but any blogger can benefit from using photos.

Here are five tips for posting photos on your blog:

1. Before adding a photo to your blog, be sure you have the rights to it. Either use a photo you took yourself, one whose rights you have bought, or one used under a Creative Commons license. Just as you don’t want anyone stealing your content, you don’t want to infringe copyright by using images without compensating the original artist.

2. Blog photos should be of professional quality. Don’t use blurry photographs or those with poor lighting. If you’re taking a shot for your blog, be sure to compose it carefully so there are no extraneous elements in the frame and it conveys exactly what you want it to convey.

3. Don’t use too many pictures. Photos take a long time to load and may cause readers internet to lag or freeze. Use as many photos as you need to convey your point, but no more.

4. Keep the photos a reasonable size. You’ll want them large enough for readers to make out the necessary details, but not so long that they load slowly or stretch your page formatting. Some blog engines will automatically resize your photos for you but if in doubt, size it yourself with an image editing program.

5. If possible, add ALT tags to your pictures when you add them to the site. These provide the description of the image for readers who mouseover the picture, and also increase your SEO: ALT tags are read by search engine crawlers, so if relevant keywords are included in the image’s description it will help improve your ranking.

Images can be a great way to spice up your blog and add more fun and interesting content. By following these tips you can guarantee that you use images correctly to improve the overall value of your blog.

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